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About Us

The Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors represents more than 1,200 automotive engineer assessors who are responsible for a range of activities such as:

  • Vehicle damage assessment
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Mechanical failures
  • Vehicle fire investigations
  • Electrical failures
  • Expert witness
  • Repairer assessment
  • Car fleet surveys
  • Conciliation and arbitration

Founded in 1932, Membership of the IAEA is determined by a combination of experience and qualifications. In addition to complying with the Institute's examination and training requirements, it is necessary for candidates applying for admission as members to have had at least two years' experience in a responsible position in the profession.

IAEA status

The Institute is a Professional Affiliate of the Engineering Council, has Learned Society status and is a registered Charity (No 273452).

Code of conduct

IAEA assessors are required to adhere to the Institute's strict code of conduct and have a responsibility to maintain Continuing Professional Development to ensure that they are aware of the latest developments in vehicle construction and technology and motor insurance contracts and legislation.

See Rules and Code of Conduct

Complaints policy


The Institute is a member of the FIEA.

The Federation des Experts en Automobiles which was founded in 1954 is an international association of motor vehicle experts. The registered offices are in Paris.

Delegates are drawn from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria and the UK.

The professional body in each country can send one delegate. Individuals also represent Croatia, Luxembourg and Monaco where there are no professional institutes in existence.